Reward Program Live Streaming Reward Program provides you a free and stable live streaming platform. More than that, is now launching a Reward Program (beta), in which everyone gets paid to broadcast.

Terms and Conditions

How will you get paid?

- You will get paid for every view your channel gets.
- For each view on your channel, you will get from 0.5-3 points based on the country. - Your channel view is counted, no matter it is viewed on our main site, or it is embedded somewhere else.
- If your channels were deleted, you still get paid. Channel views are recorded in real time so even you deleted your channel, the points for that channel has been already recorded and you get paid for that.
- The "Total Points" is the accumulation of all channels' views that you have. We will pay based on the "Total Pointss" you have.
- We will pay you a flat rate of $0.08 per 1,000 points.
- If you become a Super Broadcaster, we will pay a flat rate of $0.15 per 1,000 points.
- Payment will be made via Paypal.

How to become a Super Broadcaster?

Super Broadcasters are broadcasters who stream a lot and make a lot. Below are conditions that you can become a Super Broadcaster:
1: You will stream with us primarily.
2: You earn at least 5M impressions every year.
3: Your viewres are diversified, world wide traffic.
If you think you are qualified, contact [email protected] for a review today.

When will you not get paid?

- Your account is banned ,or deleted due to our term of use violation.
- You or your channel violated's term of use or the United States of America's law.
- Your "Total Views" are cheated, inflated or incorrect, based on our own discretion.
- We reserve all rights to suspend any account and deny payment if we suspect the account is in violation. We also reserve all rights to deny any account to participate in this Reward program. Once denied, this account won't get paid

Are you ready? Broadcast now to make money. If you are already a broadcaster, cash out now

We welcome all broadcasters to participate. The terms and conditions may change at anytime without any prior notice. Please check back frequently for updated terms and conditions.