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Simple Pricing: $11.95 first month (coupon: 5OFF) then 16.95/month there after or $99.95 first year then $119.95/year there after (coupon: 1year)

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If you do not have a bitcoin wallet yet, you don't need to. In our invoice page, choose to pay with bitcoin and it will give you our temporarily BITCOIN address. Then you can send payment to this temporary address, within the alloted time (15 minutes). You can buy BITCOIN at https://www.coinbase.com and send it to this temporary address so you don't need to have your own wallet.

Here is the link that offers more information on how to buy bitcoin in US, UK or worldwide. If you already have an wallet you can buy it from different sources and send it to your wallet.


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Demo Video. We recorded how you can use your Premium membership to watch TV with Kodi add on

Available Platforms:

You can watch with PC browser, laptop, Mac, Iphone, Ipad, Tablets, Android devices, Android boxes, Linux system, PlayOn add on for Xbox, PS game consoles, Linux system, any Kodi Media Player system

Available channels: USA, UK, France, Germany