Earn quick and lifetime recurring cash to promote us

As you know we have millions of viewrs every month. Thousands of users sign up for Premium membership with us. This is your chance to earn cash for promoting our Premium membership:

  • You will get paid 35% of your total sales every month. For example if you refer 100 users which generate 1599 USD, you will get 35% which is 560 USD for this month.
  • Lifetime recurring tracking: every month the Premium clients will renew their membership. When they renew, you will get again commission of 40%. This is for a lifetime, until they client cancels their membeship.
  • Cookie tracking: we use cookie tracking for 60 days. If a client click on your affiliate link, within 60 days they sign up, you will get commission.
  • High conversion rate: our website is too powerful that thousand of users sign up every month. High conversion rate means you will work less for more.
  • Minimum payment: $50.

So what are you waiting for?

  1. Sign Up for an Affiliate Account now
  2. Activate your affiliate in this link: Activate Your Affiliate
  3. Your affilite link format will be: Replace [001] with your real affiliate ID
  4. View your report and request payment: View your report here. Every month when your pay out is available, you can request payment. If you don't request payment, we will automatically pay you NET 0 or NET 15.
  5. Payment will be made via Paypal or Skrill. When you request your first payment, we will ask you your Paypal, or Skrill email so we can send your payment.

If you are a broadcaster, you can make more money on your private channels

  1. Broadcast your channels in "Public" mode, and "Domain Protected". This will list your channels in our directory, with "Premium only" tag
  2. Enter your Affiliate ID (something like 001) in the Settings Page
  3. When a use wants to watch your channel, we will ask him to upgrade to Premium, using your Affiliate link, and you will get paid.