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The Gold (Rush1925)

A prospector goes to the Klondike in search of gold and finds it and more.

Country: Others

Views: 219

Category: Comedy

Year: Rush1925

Imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0015864/

Audience Rating: n/A

Imdb Rating: 8.2

Description: A prospector goes to the Klondike in search of gold and finds it and more.

Actors: Charles Chaplin, Mack Swain, Tom Murray, Henry Bergman, Malcolm Waite, Georgia Hale, Jack Adams, Frank Aderias, Leona Aderias, Lillian Adrian, Sam Allen, Claude Anderson, Harry Arras, Albert Austin, Marta Belfort, William Bell, Francis Bernhardt, F.J. Beuaregard, E. Blumenthal, William Bradford, George Brock, Pete Brogan, William Butler, Cecile Cameron, R. Campbell, Leland Carr, H.C. Chisholm, Harry Coleman, Heinie Conklin, Rebecca Conroy, Dorothy Crane, James Darby, Harry De More, Kay Deslys, James Dime, W.S. Dobson, John Eagown, Aaron Edward, E. Espinosa, Leon Farey, M. Farrell, Richard Foley, Charles Force, J.C. Fowler, Al Ernest Garcia, Inez Gomez, Sid Grauman, Lita Grey, Ray Grey, F.F. Guenste, William Hackett, Mildred Hall, James Hammer, Ben Hart, Gypsy Hart, R. Hausner, Tom Hawley, Helen Hayward, Jack Herrick, Jack Hoefer, George Holt, Josie Howard, Jean Huntley, Tom Hutchinson, Carl Jensen, Gladys Johnston, Harry Jones, Fred Karno Jr., Helen Kassler, Bob Kelly, John King, Freddie Lansit, Elias Lazaroff, George Lesley, Geraldine Leslie, Francis Lowell, Joan Lowell, Chris-Pin Martin, Margarita Martín, Clyde McAtee, John McGrath, Lillian McMurray, Dolores Mendes, John Millerta, Ruth Milo, Ray Morris, Betty Morrissey, Marie Muggley, Steve Murphy, Florence Murth, Mr. Myers, P. Nagle, Princess Neela, George Neely, Nellie Noxon, A.J. O'Connor, H.C. Oliver, Donnabelle Ouster, William Parmalee, Jack Phillips, Barbara Pierce, Betty Pierce, Art Price, John Rand, Lillian Reschm, Frank Rice, C.F. Roark, E.M. Robb, Lillian Rosine, Edna Rowe, Tiny Sandford, Jane Sherman, J.J. Smith, Joe Smith, C.B. Steele, Larry Steers, Frank Stockdale, Pop Taylor, Nina Trask, Armand Triller, John Tully, Jack Vedders, Bess Wade, Art Walker, John Wallace, Sharkey Weimar, White Cloud, Mary Williams, Marie Willis, Ed Wilson, H. Wolfinger, Tom Wood, Dave Wright, Ah Yot, George Young, Ed Zimmer